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"...they did a GREAT job! The printing on the CD surface was fantastic. I will DEFINITELY use them fact, I did use them again."

Kevin Friedly


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Turnaround Time*

Complete Package

1-2 days

250-500 3-4 days
CD/DVD Services
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
CD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
DVD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 3-4 days
* Estimated time as of 1/19/2019

Free software

For CD and DVD printing orders under 500:

download our free CD/DVD creation software

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CD and DVD Duplication 1-500 pieces

CD & DVD Duplication (with Printing)

Note: A "Hold Harmless Agreement" must be signed with any duplication of music.

We can provide CD and DVD duplication for any project. A master CD or DVD must be provided. Duplication is used to manufacture smaller runs (< 500) of CD's & DVDs. Duplication is the process of burning a CD or DVD (CD-ROM, DVD-ROM). The data is put onto a burned disc with a laser. The CD and DVD duplication prices below include full color Everest printing.

For orders under 500, our printed CDs & DVDs have a completely smooth laminated finish, are remarkably durable, and are resistant to pressure, moisture and light. Discs printed with the Rimage Everest technology are water, smudge and scratch-proof. Less expensive solutions, like ink-jet printing, smudge and scratch easily.

Some of the advantages of this printing method are:

  • Full photographic quality
  • Full CD & DVD print coverage, including the inside hub
  • Scratch and smudge-proof

When printed on a white CD & DVD surface, our printers produce stunning labels with dense fields of color, full color photorealistic images and attractive text. Our printers print at 173 lines per inch (LPI), which is better than many high-quality magazines. The quality is akin to CD's & DVD's created by expensive offset (silk screen) printing, like retail CDs that you see in shops.

How to add music

Click on to the get music link and you will have an option of music sites in which to choose your musical selection. Once you create your master, send it to us along with the signed Hold Harmless Agreement . All music must have a signed Hold Harmless Agreement with your order. Since we print before duplicating, send us your CD artwork as soon as it is created.


CD Duplication Prices (includes printing)
Quantity Price/CD Total
5 $3.25 $21.25
25 $2.75 $76.25
50 $2.25 $122.50
100 $1.75 $190.00
250 $1.50 $399.50
500 $1.50 $750.00

* Prices include S/H

DVD Duplication Prices (includes printing)
Quantity Price/DVD Total
5 $5.50 $32.50
10 $5.00 $56.50
25 $4.25 $113.75
50 $3.75 $197.50
100 $3.25 $340.00
250 $2.50 $649.50
500 $2.50 $1250.00

* Prices include S/H

Orders less than 40 are packed in paper sleeves
Price: FREE

Orders greater than 40 are packed in spindles
Price: FREE

Alternative Packaging Options

CD Jewel CasesDVD CasesPrinted Sleeve C-Shell Slimline Cases

Dual CasesKick Box

For more professional packaging options, click here. Options include CD jewel cases, DVD Cases, Printed Sleeves, Clam Shells, and Kick Out Boxes. Printing can also be added: CD Inserts, Tray cards, and DVD wraps.