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Turnaround Time*

Complete Package

1-2 days

250-500 3-4 days
CD/DVD Services
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
CD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
DVD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 3-4 days
* Estimated time as of 1/19/2019

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Frequenty Asked Questions

What is Everest Thermal Retransfer printing?

CDPrintExpress uses the Rimage AutoEverest photorealistic CD/DVD printer. This printer allows us to print small runs of professional quality CD/DVD labels at reasonable prices. The Rimage Everest printer utilizes a revolutionary technique. The image is first rendered to a transfer ribbon, one color at a time, and then transferred to the disk. We use white-coated CDs for perfect rendering of white colors (not silver as in older technologies). This process allows CD & DVD discs to be printed at the quality of silk screened printing, yet at the affordability of a small print job. The pigmented ink is UV protected, ensuring vibrant colors throughout the life of a disc. The ink is not water based; there are no issues with the label smearing. Since the image is scratch proof, it enables disc to now be used for commercial distribution because Everest printed discs can withstand the rigors of day-to-day consumer handling.

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What is Full Color Printing?

The color model that Everest uses is CMY (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow) with black represented as a composite of the three. We print on a white undercoat so that white colors are rendered correctly. Color matching is a feature on the Everest printer that allows us to match color for optimal quality and the best possible results.

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Why do we not print with ink jet, standard thermal technology, or paper labels?

Inkjet and thermal are two approaches to printing CD-R on-demand. Inkjet printing produces realistic images, but not permanent and scratch and smudge easily. Thermal printing produces color custom labels that are highly durable and resistant to damage, but cannot create complex color graphic content. Paper labels have their purpose but they look unprofessional and can potentially damage the CD drive.

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Where can I get technical support on the use of the CDPrintExpress design software?

For frequently asked technical questions and contact information, please go here.

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How do I create CD artwork?

CDPrintExpress has designed user-friendly software to make your custom CD experience easier than ever. Our software allows you to select an image for your CD label and open the image in the software. Then simply zoom in to the area that you want to display, insert and format some text and add other artwork or logo. Finally preview the picture for the CD. Once the file is saved, email it to us with your order. The downloadable software is free and comes with full instructions.

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What software do I need to create CD artwork?

All the software needed to create CD artwork can be downloaded from our website (click here to download). CDPrintExpress has created a free user-friendly software to make your designing easier than ever. Our help guide will take you through the designing process. You can also use other software that you are familiar with, but make sure that the file is created in the correct specifications. The CDPrintExpress software automatically creates a file in the correct specificatiIf you use other software, the specifications must be exactly:

  • 120mm X 120mm (12cm X 12cm)
  • 4.723 inches X 4.723 inches
  • 1417 pixels X 1417 pixels
  • Resolution of 300x300 or higher
  • Submitted image must be a square image
  • Graphics format must be JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG or BMP

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Why can CDPrintExpress offer such low prices (and no setup fees) for small print runs?

CDPrintExpress developed a powerful, yet easy-to-use CD label design software. With the use of that free software you can create the label design yourself, in just a few minutes. You select the digital image (digital photo or scanned image), size and move the picture for best aspect, add text (fonts and colors) and artwork as needed, review the final design, save the design file and email it to CDPrintExpress. We charge no setup fees and offer low prices on short run jobs because you do all the design work.

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What if I have multiple artwork files to send?

Use our secure order page to send your CD artwork. Multiple artwork files for CD inserts and tray cards should be sent to .

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What CD and DVD brand do we use?

We only use professional quality CD discs and DVD discs. Curently we use white-coated 700MB/80 min CD-R's and white coated 4.7GB 4X DVD-R's to ensure the highest reader compatibility.

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At what Resolution will the CDs be printed?

The CDs are printed at 173 LPI (lines per inch). 173 LPI is better than the printing in magazines. There is no direct relationship between DPI (dots per inch) and LPI. The image file that you send to CDPrintExpress must be 300x300 or higher. The CDPrintExpress CD design software by default creates a 600x600 resolution image file.

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Do you offer graphic design?

Yes, CDPrintExpress offers graphic design for CD’s, DVD’s, & Inserts, for a flat rate of $150. Other charges may apply depending on how much content is provided. Contact us for more information.

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Are there certain images that cannot be printed on CDs?

CDPrintExpress will not print images that are copyright protected. We will also not print images that are not of the prescribed format or that are of an obscene nature.

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Can I mix and match packaging option?

Yes, we offer our customers the flexibility of creating their very own CD package. Click here to view the options available to you.

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Can I get a free sample CD with my own artwork?

Yes, for the cost of shipping and handling ($3.75) ,we can print a usable sample CD with your artwork. Simply create the artwork (photo, etc.) with our free CDPrintExpress software, then send the file with your order.

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How much is shipping?

Shipping is done thru UPS or USPS and the charges are for the costs of packing and freight (postage). The charges shown in the Price List are for standard UPS or USPS. Express shipment, like Federal Express, will incur higher charges. For Pennsylvania orders we add the applicable sales tax.

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What do I need to do to add music to my printed CD's?

Simply click on to the get music link and you will have an option of music sites in which to choose your musical selection. Once you create your master, send it to us along with the signed Hold Harmless Agreement . All copyrighted music must have a signed Hold Harmless Agreement. Since we print before duplicating, send us your CD artwork as soon as it is created.

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What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm Eastern Standard time. Orders may be completed after hours and on weekends to keep up with our quick turnaround times.

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Do you charge a setup fee?

No, we do not charge a setup fee for most orders. We do reserve the right to add a fee for substantial artwork setup time.

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