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"...they did a GREAT job! The printing on the CD surface was fantastic. I will DEFINITELY use them fact, I did use them again."

Kevin Friedly


Use or Order Page as an online calculator.

Turnaround Time*

Complete Package

1-2 days

250-500 3-4 days
CD/DVD Services
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
CD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 2-3 days
DVD duplication
25-200 1 day
250-500 3-4 days
* Estimated time as of 12/18/2018

Free software

For CD and DVD printing orders under 500:

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"I have never enjoyed working with a company as much as I have working with the folks at CD Print Express. The employees are great, questions get answered immediately, the software is a breeze, and best of all, the quality is top notch! I'm a customer for life!"

Thanks again,

"CD Print Express is a great resource for independent musicians like myself. They have given me the quality and service I wanted without having to commit hundreds of dollars to print thousands of CD's when I only wanted a few, and want the ability to buy more when I need more. A truly exceptional service."

Dan Ball

"We were well pleased with the product and surprised with the speed the CD's were turned around. The printing looked great and better than I have received at other producers. We will be back for more!"

- Captain Roy Weeks
Captain Roy's Marine Training

"I waited until the last moment to start figuring out what to do about duplicating our first CD and producing the inserts and tray cards. I originally thought we should simply print our own to keep the project within budget. Instead I did some searching on the internet and found CD Print Express. From what I read, they sounded like exactly what we needed and the cost was more than reasonable. I figured they would do a reasonable job and it would be better than what we could do. I was wrong! They didn't do a reasonable job...they did a GREAT job! The printing on the CD surface was fantastic. Folks who have purchased our CD are amazed at how good the picture looks. In addition, CD Print Exrpess did the job very quickly and completely assembled our product. I will DEFINITELY use them fact, I did use them again."

- Kevin Friedly, Audio Diner

"CD Print Express did a terrific job on my wedding CD favor!  I am so pleased with the quality of my CDs - photo image and sound.  Their customer service was top-notch!  Any question I had was answered promptly and their prices are extremely competitive - the lowest I've seen!  I'll definitely use CD Print Express for all my future printing needs!!!" 

Lauren Simmons

"I have been using CDPrintExpress for all my Video Scrap booking CD's and DVD's and I love the high quality of their work and so do my clients. Every CD and DVD looks so professional and adds the perfect touch to all my work. The team at CD Print Express is a pleasure to work with. They are responsive and courteous and are quick to turn out your product. I highly recommend CDPrintExpress."

Michele Sperling